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About Canine Scan & Chip

As experienced dog breeders of Boston Terrier's and having bred French Bulldogs & Miniature Dachshunds in the past, we know only to well that the world of dog breeding can be a complex one and that it sometimes does not always go according to to plan. And no matter how well organised and planned a litter is sometimes  nature will throw a curve ball at you when you least expect it...  We therefore recognised a need for various dog breeding services to be available here in the UK.


We are committed to promoting responsible dog breeding and ownership and we decided to set up Canine Scan And Chip a dedicated dog breeder service which includes dog pregnancy and post whelping scanning, a pet and puppy microchipping service, and puppy neonatal care equipment hire such as puppy incubators and oxygen concentrator hire. Over the years we have gradually expanded our services to include a full and partial whelping and puppy rearing service to include a  inhouse or call out service, a mating assistance service which includes stud dog handling for a natural mating , sperm testing  and Artificial Insemination services. Also we are now expanding our equipment hire to include Petnap Heat Pads, Margot The Dog Pens and the revolutionary Nurture Whelping Boxes.


Our main services are briefly outlined below and are completely confidential - for full details about our services and pricing info please visit our 'Services' Page by using the link above or below .


  • Dog Ultrasound Scanning Services  - We offer a range of dog pregnancy, whelping and post whelping ultrasound scanning options. Aswell as a range of diagnostic ultrasound scans to take to your vet for analysis. We have attended a full comprehensive ultrasound scanning course and have very professional ultrasound equipment to ensure we can offer the best ultrasound scanning services to our clients as possible.


  • Pet & Puppy Microchipping Service - a microchipping service which is available to all breeders and pet owners to help encourage responsible dog breeding and ownership. We have attended a pet microchipping course and are fully qualified to microchip domestic animals.


  • Neonatal care Equipment Hire - We offer the facility to hire out puppy incubators and Portable oxygen generators. Neonatal care for puppies of flat faced breeds is often required and in our experience has been quite literally a life saver.


  • Pregnancy & Whelping Equipment Hire - We are now pleased to offer vital whelping equipment for hire including live puppy detectors which can be used during the later stages of pregnancy and during whelping to detect the heartbeats of unborn pups. We also are able to offer PetNap Heat Pads for hire which are a prefreable and  far safer option to keep you newborn and young pups warm instead of using an over head chick brooder lamps which have to suspended above your whelping box and often end up over heating the bitch which is not ideal. We are working very hard to facilitate the hire of the amazing Nurture Whelping boxes which simply slot together in minutes and are made of a food safe material which has excellent thermal properties.Lastly we are able to hire out the Margot The Dog Pens which are made up of indivdual panels which slot together to make an excellent puppy run / pen.


  •  Mating Assistance Services - From facilitating stud dog handling and training to achieve a natural mating to sperm collection and  testing and Artificial Insemination services we are able to offer a complete mating professional assistance service to both experienced and inexperienced breeders to help them offer a professional stud service which helps to prevent failed matings and having to do free of charge return stud services.


  • Whelping Asssistance & Puppy Rearing Services - We appreciate that whelping can be a very stressful time and whelping and caring for puppies espcially pups of flat faced breeds can be exhasuting and not something everyone is capable of doing.. Therefore due to many requests we have decided to offer you the benefit of our experience and equipemt by offering either a  full or partial whelping assistance service and can tailor our service to suit your needs. The partial whelping service involves us coming to you to whelp your bitch and being on stand by. The full whelping service involves us  having your bitch with us to whelp and treating her as we would one of our own dogs. we either offer just the whelping service on it's own or we can care for and raise your pups for a period of up to three weeks decided by you.  We have found this service very popular and gives your pups the best chance of survival as we have 15 years whelping and dog breeding experience and should complications occur during whelping we know exactly when to call on the services of our own fully qualified flat faced breed specialist vet (who is on hand to assist us should your bitch need veternary assistance at any time day or night).


Dog breeding is essentially dealing with nature and sometimes no matter how much you try or how much experience you have some puppies can not be saved but in our experience it is always worth trying... Obviously the more you breed the more you see and experience and we truely believe you never stop learning and that no one can possibly know everthing and anyone who professes to "know everything" should be avoided. We will always do our best to help and advise where we can but we are not vets and the advise and help we give is not designed to replace the advise and medical assistance of a trained vet.


We all should be fully aware of the risks we take when we mate our dogs and  that things can and do go wrong, although it is not common place to loose the Mother or the whole litter of pups or worse the Mother and the whole litter of pups, we have to remember that it can and does happen from time to time. Dog breeding is certianly NOT a way to earn "quick cash" and we recommend all potential dog breeders to  properly research and think it through before any mating occurs. We can contacted at any time for help and advice and don't mind helping anyone who has a passion to do it correctly with the welfare of their bitch, pups and breed at heart.

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We are available 24 Hours a day 7 days a week for emergency ultrasound scanning.